Willamette Greenway Hiking Trails, Oregon

Willamette Greenway near Salem, Oregon
Willamette Greenway near Salem, Oregon

Located 8 to 11 miles north of Salem on the east side of Highway 221 you will find three hiking trails next to the Willamette River.

  • Hiking Trail #1 (southern most)We found this trail to be very pleasant to hike. Like most Willamette Greenway Trails, this is a short hike, maybe one mile in length. Traveling under fern covered trees, you follow a loop which travels from the trailhead, to the Willamette River and back. While hiking you will notice the many different type of windflowers commonly found in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Hiking Trail #2 (middle)Unless you’re a dedicated fisherman looking for Willamette River access, you might wish to avoid this trail. It runs north from the trailhead near the Willamette River. Carved from bramble bushes with a machete this trail was hot, dusty and nothing of interest was found.
  • Hiking Trail #3 (northern most, just south of Williamson State Park)This is the most interesting of the three trails, if you are only able to visit one, this would be a good choice. The trailhead is a short quarter mile drive from Highway 221. At the trailhead you will find a bathroom facility (no running water) and a large cut field. The large field is ideal for a picnic or a game of Frisbee. The looping trail is about 1/2 mile in length. Similar to trail #1, this trail offers the hiker a wide variety of flowers, trees and wildlife for all visitors.