Silver Creek Falls, Lower South Falls, Silverton, Oregon
Silver Creek Falls, Lower South Falls, Silverton, Oregon

What we stand for:

DayTrails.com is dedicated to the promotion our earth as a place of beauty and wonder. We believe that we are not owners of this planet merely stewards of it’s resources.

To this end we have chosen to show you some of the most beautiful and wondrous displays of nature that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Once on your way you will be awed, delighted and educated.

Every moment spent learning and exploring our planet is time well spent. Come along, learn with us, as we explore the Great Northwest.

Bee on flower. Christmas Valley, Oregon
Bee on flower. Christmas Valley, Oregon

About our content:

All the digital content you find on DayTrails.com is original and is subject to the copyright laws of the United States. Many painstaking hours have been spent photographing the sites, animals and plants you see. We provide these for your viewing pleasure free of charge through this website. Please do not steal our images.

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The equipment we use:

Early DayTrails.com digital photographs were shot using a ViviCam 3100. While the consistency of image quality and color were never good, this little camera kept us company on many a trip. The small image size (resolution) and lack of a LCD viewer made it very economical on both compact flash RAM and our rechargeable batteries. Did I mention that it didn’t cost very much either?

Current DayTrails.com digital photographs are shot with a Kodak DC290. We really can’t say enough good things about this camera. It is a workhorse! Over 5000 pictures and the original set of rechargeable batteries are still as full of life as the day it arrived. The color that the DC290 captures is vivid and bright. With the addition of the optional lens adapter kit and a +7 close-up lens we were able to capture the awesome closeup-ups you see in many of our flower photographs. There are newer cameras with more bells and whistles (the DC290 has it’s share), higher resolution and cost three times as much but, we have not yet held one in our hands that stands equal with the DC290!

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