Mount Saint Helens, Washington

Mount Saint Mount Saint Helens,Washington pictured in late July, Late July
Mount Saint Helens, Washington pictured in late July

Mount Saint Helens is famous for it’s May 18, 1980 eruption, spewing smoke and ash as far east as Montana. It is now 8,364 feet (2,549 M), before the eruption it was 9,667 feet high. Both the North and South forks of the Toutle River were flooded with mud flow and debris. Spirit Lake, north of Mount Saint Helens, has a large portion of it’s surface area covered with floating logs. Twenty years later these logs are still floating and can be seen easily from the air.

Mount Saint Helens covered in winter snow.
Mount Saint Helens covered in winter snow.

In 1987 the southern slope of the mountain was reopened to hikers. For more information please call the Climbing Information LineĀ at (360) 247-3961.